Tuesday, 8 November 2011

LEUKEMIA: meaning, causes, effects and treatment.


Blood cancer is NOT vomiting of blood... Unsystematic increase in number of WBC in blood plasma is simply defined as blood cancer. This type of cancer can be seen in child or adult. There is no age limit for this disorder.
Here is the brief note on LEUKEMIA.......
                       In normal healthy adult the WBC count must be about 4×109 to 1× 1010, it's size ranges from 7 to 21 micrometer. Actually increase in number of WBC is good for health, but the thing is many WBCs are cancerous in nature. These cancerous WBCs do not perform their normal function as the healthy WBCs perform. Compare to healthy WBCs, the cancerous WBCs number increases to a larger extent.

Because of this, body looses it's defensive system. Body immunity collapses extensively. As a result body faces so many difficulties to fight against viruses and bacteria.
          In similar way if number of LYMPHOCYTES increased abnormally, it results in LYMPHOMA. Since blood is circulating throughout the body, the symptoms are seen all over the body in different intervals of time. Blood vomiting may be seen in cancer patients, but it's not a notable symptom.


Even though several medicines are administered to cancer patients it's effective and results are not up to the mark.
Methotrexate (MTX) is a drug which is popularly used to treat the cancer. But targeting the cancer cells is very difficult.
We not yet found the medicine to control the number of CANCEROUS WBCs. So it's deadliest disorder. Still lots of opportunities are there to pick up the research in CANCER BIOLOGY.

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