Tuesday, 11 October 2011

THE RABIES" meaning, causes, preventive measures, treatment.

(Rabies means madness)
Rabies is a common and deadliest disease caused by rabies virus. This virus usually infects the worm blooded animals. For us it is usually infected though dog bite.
Regarding to this disease there are so many myths. To know about the details of this disease one should know what the root mechanism of the disease.


When a person met with dog bite, the saliva of dog containing rabies virus enters the blood stream. The virus starts its cycle and triggers the out come of symptoms.

By taking the rabies vaccine at the initial stage further infection can be checked. 
Usually the dogs vaccinated with the anti-rabies...........!!!

 Dogs are vaccinated not get infected by the rabies. The vaccinated dogs are resistive to rabies. It doesn't means that, the dog do not spread the rabies. Everyone  should be clear with this, the vaccinated dogs can spread the rabies. We must be in care not to met with the dog bite even though the dog is vaccinated.

The target spot of rabies virus is SALIVARY GLANDS. Hence we can see the over salivation in rabies victims. 

There are so many standard vaccines to treat rabies. Since the virus attacks the CNS, the rabies should be treated very soon.




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