Sunday, 8 May 2016


Cancer is one of the key reasons for death all over the world. Several schools of scientists opined that cancer is because mainly due to tobacco consumption, alcoholism, unscientific food habit, exposure to radiation and even due to heredity. I do agree with all these key reasons; however they may not be the key reason in many of the cases. One such instance I had come across, a 95 years old person remained without any health issues and he was addicted for consumption of raw tobacco leaves from the age of 13…! So, there’s some other reason which triggers the onset of cancer. If the cigarettes are known to cause cancer, then half of the world’s population should be of cancer patients. In traditional country like India, several village people are used to have beetle leaves after lunch/dinner as a digestive stimulant. Still, they are the healthiest compared well civilized urban people. Even in this case modern science fails to answer to these exceptions. In north India, a kind of people called NAGAs are very much addicted to use chillum filled with marijuana. Mysterious thing about them is, there are many NAGAs whose age is still big question and is unpredictable. Does the reason for cancer cannot show its activity here..? Similar kind of practice is being reported in mythological story, in which, lord Shiva is known for this.
Keeping all these consequences aside, there must be a specific pattern to diagnose cancers which are based on several biochemical techniques. But, without knowing anything about science, medicine an illiterate person can cure cancer..! YES, this much more interesting than anything else. Now a days, many of the scientists and doctors working out to find a better way to cure cancer. Meanwhile, village person popularly called NAATI VAIDYA uses a combination of herbal leaves to cure it. There are thousands of instances where people found this medicine as more effective than the medicine prescribed by highly educated and professional doctors..!!! This again creates a head scratching doubt and remains unanswered. Many of such uneducated doctors are working to find new combination of medicines to find a better cure for cancer. Those UNNAMED DOCTORS know about the mechanism and functioning of cancer cell better than all other named doctors.  So according to me it would be a better research plan to merge modern techniques with traditional techniques. The traditional medicines should be analyzed by using modern research equipment, so that the functioning of those medicines would help us to find the target site and furthermore it would help us to identify the pathway regarding that. Add on to this discussion, it is very much essential to learn more about phytochemicals to deal with it. Phytochemicals would create a landmark in cancer research and it would be a trend setting to analyze several unknown biochemical pathways in the biological system. Ignorance towards the nature would be the biggest mistake that the scientific community is stepping and is a finest deviation from normal research tract.
People started to use pizza and burger more than the traditional food and now the younger generation is facing the severe problems including obesity, diabetes at the earliest age and even cancer. Maida flour used for the preparation of those food items are known to be very much hazardous and are slow poisons in the other way around.  Traditional Indian cuisines are purely based on naturally available food resources and are completely devoid of chemicals and adulterants. Taking all these aspects into consideration, it’s very clear that lifestyle also decides several health issues (including cancer). A lot of work has to be done which should consider lifestyle, food habit and also certain environmental condition.
Cancer forum could possibly initiate this kind of research project to motivate young minds to research.

This article is mainly based on some of the case studies and is not based on any of scientific research. This could be a true analysis with respect to some and may not be with others.


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