Tuesday, 13 September 2011

NATURAL MEDICINE: Introduction, Chicken pox as example and application.

NATURE is treasure for everything. no one can cross the NATURE'S RULE.............

now a days we are using so many CHEMICAL MEDICINES manufactured in pharma companies; which are sterio-specific so it can cause many side effects. thus the medications of current era is creating many negative effects than curing the disease. 
As a result of this we are facing new disease which are highly complicated and are yet to be treated with proper medicines.
Let's take the example of CHICKEN POX,


Signs and tests

Chickenpox is usually diagnosed from the classic rash and the child's medical history. Blood tests, and tests of the pox blisters themselves, can confirm the diagnosis if there is any question.


In most cases, it is enough to keep children comfortable while their own bodies fight the illness. Oatmeal baths in lukewarm water provide a crusty, comforting coating on the skin. An oral antihistamine can help to ease the itching, as can topical lotions. Trim the fingernails short to reduce secondary infections and scarring.
Safe antiviral medicines have been developed. To work well, they usually must be started within the first 24 hours of the rash.
  • For most otherwise healthy children without severe symptoms, antiviral medications are usually not used. Adults and teens, who are at risk for more severe symptoms, may benefit if the case is seen early in its course.
  • For those with skin conditions (such as eczema or recent sunburn), lung conditions (such as asthma), or those who have recently taken steroids, the antiviral medicines may be very important. The same is also true for adolescents and children who must take aspirin on an ongoing basis.
  • Some doctors also give antiviral medicines to people in the same household who subsequently come down with chickenpox. Because of their increased exposure, they would normally experience a more severe case of chickenpox.
DO NOT GIVE aspirin to someone who may have chickenpox. Use of aspirin has been associated with a serious condition called Reyes Syndrome. Ibuprofin has been associated with more severe secondary infections. Acetaminofin may be used.
Nobody knows nature had given a great medicine for this disease. That is, HONGE TREE (trivial name in INDIA).


Botanical name:  Millettia pinnata (pongamia pinnata)
The thick waxy cuticle of this tree is collected,t he cuticle is squeezed along with water, the cuticle releases a highly BITTER compound. this solution is use to treat the chicken pox. the chemical composition of this solution is completely resembles  the composition of medicine manufactured in industry.

We can cultivate this tree very easily. It maintains better environment. So by growing this plant we can get both the benefits.

THINK WELL.............

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