Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blubber & Blebbing: meaning and function

Blubber & Blebbing: meaning and function

What is bleebbing..?

           Formation of EPR by the folding phenomenon of nuclear membrane and cell membrane is termed as BLEBBING

It is a very important sequence which takes place during the formation of new cell. formation of membrane lipid is followed by formation of ER. FLIPPASES  are the key enzymes involved in this reaction which maintain the integrity of the plasma membrane as well the texture of ER.

What is blubber...?            

The thick layer of fat covering the entire body of aquatic mammals is described as BLUBBER.
This feature very well expressed in blue wales.
1. This coat acts as "water proofing" agent & thereby helps to maintain good skin texture.
2. Body temperature is mainly regulated and controlled by this layer.


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