Monday, 4 June 2012


 Stem cells are undifferentiated parent cells of all human cells. They are self replicating and have capability to divide and grow into any of the 200 odd specialized cells of the body.  Because of this unique property stem cell are known as MAGIC BULLETS. Scientists could harness the ability of cells to make any of the tissues at will.

ü Cellular damage caused due to Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease could be restored.

ü Spinal cord injury could finally be repaired.

ü Paralysis due to stroke or accidents could be reverted.

ü Stem cells research could help us in understanding the events, which occur during human development. Thus we would understand cellular decision making process that results in the cell specialization and remove the birth defect that normally occur due to abnormality in cell specialization process. So testing on animals and humans will no longer be necessary.

ü Stem cell research will help the person requiring transplantations as to avoid immune reactions; they would prefer to have their own cells administered in their body.

ü US scientists have for first time, turned human cells into becoming blood cells. This would enable the source of the blood for transfusion and treatment of many blood diseases.

ü Scientists have used the stem cells from skin of human and adult mice to grow smooth muscle cells, fat cells and brain cells.

ü German doctors patched up a patient’s failing heart using stem cells taken from his bone marrow.

ü The Reliance Life Science Pvt. Ltd. Plans to develop stem cells enriched cord transplants in place of bone marrow transplants and culture skin in place of wounds. Stem cells are mainly derived from umbilical cord, peripheral blood, bone marrow and embryos.

ü Umbilical cord blood contains neonatal stem cells are pluripotent which can be easily harvested during parturition (child birth).


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